The internet of Assets

Embark on a revolutionary journey with iAssets, the pioneering Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of asset ownership in the digital realm. Discover Web3 applications that empower you with unparalleled control over your digital assets. Become a driving force in our community-driven project, contributing to development, marketing, and investments while reaping a share in the platform's prosperity. Let's unite, innovate, and thrive together! 🚀

Building a Community-Powered Future

💪 Together We Thrive

iAssets isn't merely a platform; it's a dynamic, community-driven endeavor that thrives on the collective contributions of its members. From development and marketing to income sharing, our foundation is built upon collaboration. Whether you're a visionary developer, a passionate marketer, or an enterprising investor, iAssets eagerly invites you to join our ranks.

🗽 Open Doors for All

The essence of iAssets lies in its all-embracing nature. Regardless of your background or expertise, if you possess a fervor for innovation and a drive to effect change, your input holds immense value here. Become an integral part of shaping the platform's trajectory, amplifying its narrative, and investing in its triumph. At iAssets, your involvement isn't just appreciated; it's celebrated.

🍰 A Piece of the Pie

At iAssets, you're not just a participant; you're a vested stakeholder in our shared journey. By contributing to the project's expansion and progress, you're entitled to a significant portion of the platform's earnings. This isn't solely about participation; it's about co-creating prosperity.

🔮 Embrace the Future

The future is destined to be powered by communities, and iAssets stands at the forefront of this transformation. Join us as we reshape social dynamics, amplify voices, and redefine engagement paradigms. Together, we'll construct, innovate, and thrive. 🚀



Making it more affordable than ever to represent anything as a unique digital asset.
Status: Under Development

Launch iAssets.Market


Tools that enable decentralized control, for managing small teams and organizations.

Launch iAssets.Community


Metaverse to have real time interactions and experiences across distance.
Status: Research

Coming soon ...


Manage your entire advertising campaign and grow your business effectively.
Status: Research

Launch iAssets.Marketing

iAssets Token


Token id on Hedera 0.0.1991880


ASSET token is a utility token on iAssets ecosystem.

Buy Back

iBird.io buys back ASSET Tokens to reward its users on iBird.io.


on iBird.io users get their rewards with ASSET Tokens

Passive income

Once liquidity exceeds $1 million on exchanges, 50% of the platform's income will be shared with ASSET Token holders.

Total Supply

500 Billion ASSET


The ASSET token enables community ownership and active stewardship of the iAssets. Token holders govern the iAssets through an on-chain governance process.

ASSET Token (BEP20)

Slippage: 6%


1% Liquidity.

1% in ETH(BEP20) Redistributed To Holders that Hold +50M ASSET

4% Platform income => 25% development, 25% marketing, 50% liquidity

Convert ASSET(BEP20) to ASSET(HTS)

NBM Token(BEP20)

Slippage: 5%



84.9% Burned

5% in NBM(BEP20) Redistributed To Holders

Convert NBM (BEP20) to ASSET(BEP20)

Token update


84.9% Burned | 2.42% Burned


Stage 1
Stage 1
  • Conceptualization & Creation 🏗️
  • Design and Creation of NFTBlackMarket
  • Initial Launch 🚀
  • NFTBlackMarket Website Launch
  • NBM Token Listed on Pancake Swap
  • Forever Liquidity Lock
  • Security Audit 🛡️
  • NBM Smart Contract Audited by TechRate
Stage 2
Stage 2
  • Product Development 💡
  • Launch of NFT Marketplace
  • Rebranding 🔄
  • NFTBlackMarket Rebranded as iAssets.market
  • NBM Token Rebranded as ASSET Token
  • Token Conversion 🔄
  • iAssets.org Website Launch
  • Launch of NBM to ASSET Converter
Stage 3
Stage 3
  • Expansion 🌍
  • ASSET Token Listed on IndoEx
  • Social Platform Development 📱
  • Creation and Launch of iBird.io on BNB Chain
  • iBird.io Migrated to Hedera HCS
  • Marketing Initiatives 📣
  • iAssets.Marketing Launched
Stage 6
Stage 6
  • Continuous Improvement 🔄
  • Upgrades to iAssets.Market
  • Upgrades to iAssets.Marketing
  • Upgrades to iAssets.Community
  • Partnerships & Integrations 🤝
  • Strategic Partnerships and Integrations
  • Incorporating User Feedback for Product Enhancement
  • Mainstream Adoption 🚀
  • Efforts to Promote Mainstream Adoption of iAssets Platform
Stage 5
Stage 5
  • Community Growth & Marketing 🌱
  • Planned Community Growth and Marketing Initiatives
  • Upgrades & Scalability ⚙️
  • Scaling iBird.io to Handle More Users
  • Mobile Application Development 📲
  • iBird.io Android Application
  • iBird.io iOS Application
  • Additional Exchange Listings 💹
  • Asset Token Listings on Exchanges
Stage 4
Stage 4
  • Further Expansion 🌐
  • ASSET Token(HTS) Listed on SaucerSwap
  • Introduction of ASSET(BEP20) to ASSET(HTS) Converter
  • iAssets.community Launched
  • iAssets Discord Community Created